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Vein viewer Finder / Transilluminator to Find Veins for Phlebotomy and IV Healthcare/fixed infrared vein finder


Collections: All products, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type: Vein Viewer

Vendor: ZD Medical Inc



product description :

The Vein Finder is easy to detect veins at the back of the hands through transmission of LED red light, and it can assist medical staff to observe subcutaneous veins of hands, and significantly improve the success rate of the injection .Hospitals, clinics homes,Children,The elderly,Obese or edema patients, Dark-skinned patients, Patients with anemia, hypotension, or excessive loss of blood  as well as any other places where need find the veins for injection light in weight, easy to operate;
Adjustable light, wide application range;
Sensitive switch, safe and power saving;
Fit human body engineering, more comfortable grip.


1) Portable, contact vein finder used in venipuncture, for displaying veins beneath the surface  

2) Use safe infrared light source and strong light source both, no laser, no radiation

3) Color image clear and accurate

4) No patient contact, no need to be sterillized after every use

5) Easy to learn and use, just turn it on to display the veins beneath the skin


6) Small size, fits in your hand and main unit weight only 480g

7) Hands-free option, can be converted from hand held to hands-free quickly and easily

8) Rechargeable battery,  more than 4 hours of continuous work.

9) Works in light or dark lit environments                                                                               


10) Disassemble outer shell, easier to carry, save freight  


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