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About us

What we do

Elynnmed is a Startup founded in Shanghai of China with the vision of transforming the world of medical device and equipment.

We are the first medical store that works mainly online. We offer products and services for clinics via the Internet, with special advantages to help medical professional, nurses become more competitive.

At we are very familiar with how clinics function and the way in which both clinics and clinical staff work. With our passion for process optimism and cost-savings through technology, we are transforming the medical sector.


      At eLynnmed we negotiate with manufacturers, achieving better conditions and much lower prices than if we bought individually. In this way, eLynnmed is able to offer dental clinics a wide range of products commonly used in the clinic,constantly expanding, renewing and renegotiating our product catalog depending on the needs of the clinics.

      At we help professional clinics to to take advantage of all the advantages and amenities the Internet has to offer. eLynnmed enables clinics to easily get the full range of products they need, ordering comfortably from the consultancy. Additionally, through the use of technology we are able to optimise the logistical processes and lower costs, which results in an average product price reduction of 30%.
    • 3. WE LIKE WHAT WE DO.

Our dream is that the smallest clinics have the greatest we share the same dream?