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Infrared vein viewer, portable vein detector, finder, locator, Illumination Visualization for nurses, imaging of subcutaneous veins


Collections: All products, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type: Vein Viewer

Vendor: eLynn Medical Vein Illumination



OUR product Applicable people:

1.For old people .

2.For obsity

3.For dark color of skin .

4.For Baby.

5.For plastics surgery .

Technical parameters:


Rated power :50VA                       

charging time :2H

 Battery time :3H                           

Accuracy:  upper and lower ≤ and right ≤ 0.3mm

 Resolution:Can tell 0.6mm spacing test line 

 Best imaging distance:20-26cm

our product will help you :

FOR  pediatric:

 Pediatrics can be one of the most difficult patient populations for venipuncture procedures. Consider the challenges associated with pediatric vascular access: small veins, limited access points due to size and the presence of "baby fat" and managing the anxiety of the children and their families. 

our product will help you 

1.Increase first stick success by up to 100%
2.Decrease PICC lines placed due to difficult venous access by greater than 30%
3.Increase patient satisfaction by 100% .


 Time is critical in the fast-paced, high-pressure environment of the Emergency Department. Emergency physicians and nurses see every type of patient, and venous access can be unpredictable. Unlike devices such as transilluminators and ultrasound, our product allows you to quickly assess difficult venous access without patient contact.



 Vein viewing  helps clinicians succeed in many procedures.

Avoid veins to minimize bruising .

Vein Viewing  portable  projects the vein pattern directly on the skin. Easily identify and avoid vessels for cosmetic injections, helping to circumvent potential complications and reduce costs. Improve the patient experience, and set your practice ahead of the rest with the cutting edge technology of VeinViewer.
1.Locate and avoid veins on the face, which are commonly clustered around the eyes.
2.Promote your dedication to the comfort of your patients through utilization of the latest technology.