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smart control general anesthesia for dental surgery device /oral surgery /dental anesthesia/dental anesthesia apparatus for oral therapy


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smart control general anesthesia for dental surgery device 

Product details

Product Introduction


There are two working modes which are automatic mode and constant-speed mode. In the automatic mode, the speed starts from 0 with constant acceleration to reach the setting speed. In the constant-speed mode, the speed keeps its setting speed.

Mode Auto mode
(approximate injection time)
Constant-speed mode 
(approximate injection time)
Speed 1.8 ml 1.0 ml 1.8 ml 1.0 ml
H 90 seconds 50 seconds 70 seconds 40 seconds
Mode 150 seconds 85 seconds 145 seconds 80 seconds
L 310 seconds 180 seconds 310 seconds 180 seconds


The speed has three grades which are low speed, medium speed and high speed.

The music mode is divided into song mode(6 songs in total), prompt-tone mode(a Ticktack sound per milliliter) and silence mode.

Battery capacity displays visually.




It is applied for all diagnosis offices of stomatology department, and is appropriate for local infiltration anesthesia during the treatments of oral diseases, such as intraoral cure, repair, reform, small size of surgical operation and so on while combined with Primacaine, Scandonest and other major anesthetics for oral cavity.

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