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oral surgery /dental anesthesia/dental anesthesia apparatus for oral therapy


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Dental anaesthetize use general anesthesia for dental surgery

Product Advantages


1.Automatic anesthetic push, constant-speed anesthetic injecting, easy to

 inject anesthetic while pushing needle;

2. Perfectly combining needle-held operation and one-button operation,

 which accords with the habit of doctors;

3. Three grades of speed for you to regulate;

4. Convenient carry with small size and light weight;

5. Built-in charging lithium battery, standby time can be more than 1 month;

6. Compatible with Cartridge anesthetic of any brand;

7. Compatible with inch thread needle and metric thread needle;

8. No consumable of pipe, saving cost of medical department and decreasing

 anesthetic waste.

Operation procedure



 It is a professional and painless local anesthesia device for oral cavity, which is applied for all diagnosis offices of stomatology department, and is appropriate for local infiltration anesthesia during the treatments of oral diseases, such as intraoral cure, repair, reform, small size of surgical operation and so on while combined with Primacaine, Scandonest and other major anesthetics for oral cavity. This instrument adopts technologies of advanced rotation needle, steady flow velocity , manufacture of narcotic passageway, and so on ,thus there can be no pain throughout the entire treatment . Unique design and easy way of injection make the operation easier. So it makes patients reduce fear, pain and anxiety, at the same time, reduces the doctor s ' pressure.



1.Can Easy-I and Easy-II be used in pericementum injection? What is the suggested injection speed?

What is the suggested injection speed of palate surface?

Easy I and Easy II both can be used in pericementum injection. The injection pressure will automatically adjust following the change of tissue density. So we suggest you using low speed during pericementum injection process, which will avoid avulsion of periosteum owing to powerful pressure. In similar theory, palate surface injection should be used with low speed

or medium speed.

2. In Easy-I low-speed and medium-speed mode, does the weak ticktack sound indicate insufficient

push ?

 No. It is the weak sound when sensor scans motor. The function of the sensor is to sense the pressure change, adjust pushing force and maintain constant speed of the push.

3 .How does the AUTO MODE of Easy-II operate?

 In injection process, the speed starts from 0 with constant acceleration to reach the setting speed

(low speed, medium speed and high speed).

4. After Easy-I and Easy-II are battery charged fully, how many 1.8-ml injections of anesthetic can

be injected?

 The battery of Easy-I can be with the standby time of 3 months; the approximate injection quantity is 40 tubes. The approximate injection quantity of Easy-II can be 25 tubes.

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