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NSK Ti-Max EL400 Optics Micromotor System w/ Ti-MAX X95L Contra angel Handpiece


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Product type: Business & Industrial:Healthcare, Lab & Life Science:Dental Equipment:Handpieces

Vendor: NSK



NSK Ti-Max EL400 Optics Micromotor System w/ NSK Ti-MAX X95L Type Contra angel Hand piece 1:5 Electric Attachment

Package Content
  • Control Unit
  • AC Adapter 230v
  • Ti Max Optics E-type Micromotor with cord;
  • 1 PC NSK Ti Max X95L Type contra angel handpiece
Product Description

  • 1:5 Speed Increasing
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Push Button
  • No Optic
  • Contra angel
  • FG-Bur Wingspread 1,6mm 
  • Compatible with all Electric Handpiece Motors
  • The Speed Line is compatible with all major E-type ISO-Standard

 NSK original Electric Motor


Ti-Max EL400

An Easy and Quick Upgrade Path to Powerful Electric Micromotor optic

NSK’s EL400 optic micromotor brings you major advantages over air turbine: more powerful torque and cutting performance that help you work more efficiently. Further, broader speed range (100 – 200,000min-1) and flexibility in speed control satisfies variety of clinical needs from restorative to endodontics. Its lightweight solid titanium body offers exceptionally well-balanced and tactile gripping, particularly when used with a contra-angle attachment. With an Electric Micromotor Portable System, your air turbine can be easily and quickly upgraded to a powerful electric motor, simply by plugging the turbine tube to the portable system.

Product Features
-Higher and constant torque helps you to work more efficiently
-Compact and lightweight Micromotor
-Broader speed range from 100 to200,000 min-1
-Smoother and quieter operation, both patient and clinician friendly
-Lower heat generation with NSK’s power-saver design
-Solid titanium body for ideal balance and tactile grip

Ti-Max EL400 Micromotor integrated System Complete 

Powerful Torque
NL400 offers powerful torque, maximum of 3.4 Ncm, that outperforms other brands' products in equivalent class. Rotation speed is smoothly controlled between 2,000 and 40,000min-1.

Quiet Smooth Operation
180° Vector Control reduces torque ripples and minimises heat generation, resulting in vibration-free rotation and outstanding performance.

Well-balanced Solid Titanium Body
Made of solid titanium, NL400 micromotor offers well-balanced and light weight body for all hand sizes.

Wide Speed Range with Precise Control
NL400 with a wide speed range between 100 - 200,000 min-1provides smooth operation with assorted NSK low speed handpieces.

Autoclavable & Durable Brushless Micromotor
In combination with its brushless design eliminating the need of carbon brush replacement, NL400 is extremely durable and autoclavable at 135°C max.

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