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Morita Tri Auto ZX cordless endodontic handpiece motor w/ build in apex locator


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Dental Morita Tri Auto ZX cordless endodontic handpiece w/ build in endo  apex locator

Made in Japan

1 year warranty

Morita TriAuto ZX Packaging:Unit includes a handpiece, contra head, charger, battery, probe cord, (3) file holders, (5) contrary electrodes, function tester and manual

Tri Auto ZX hand piece
Display: LED
Weight: only 160 g
Rotation speed: 150 ? 280 rpm
Rechargable battery: 3.6 V, metal-hydride
Charge time: Approx. 60 min.
Dimensions (mm): W 30 x D 37 x H 212

Voltage: AC 230 V
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Weight: Approx. 500 g
Dimensions (mm): W 80 x D 123 x H 55

Easy handling
With the Tri Auto ZX root canal measurement, enlargement and the removal of gutta percha points can be performed safely and efficiently. Tri Auto ZX offers several automatic control functions. Combined with the technology of the Root ZX apex locator, Tri Auto ZX has the ability and convenience to monitor the canal before, during and after instrumentation electronically. The location of the file tip is indicated by LEDs on handpiece and by audible signal. The handpiece will automatically shut of after three minutes of non-use.

No zero adjustment
It is not neccessary to set the device on zero before measuring each individual canal. The microprocessor calibrates Tri Auto ZX automatically, making it ready to use immediately after turning on the main switch. No set up is required. No resetting is required for multiple measurements. Automatic calibration insures accuracy and eliminates the effects of changes in temperature, moisture, etc. inside the canal even during measurement.

Cordless for maximum flexibility
The elimination of the cord guarantees greater flexibility and mobility. The rechargable battery provides the handpiece enough power for up to 15 root canals. Completely charge needs approx. one hour in the comfortable desk charger. To conserve power the Tri Auto ZX will automatically shut off after three minutes if the handpiece is not in use. Low battery power is indicated by LED in the handpiece display.

The Tri Auto ZX is the first device of its kind to integrate a cordless endodontic handpiece with a built-in apex locator ? for maximum flexibility in handling. Using a rotating LED control panel which is mounted directly on the handpiece, the root canal can be continuously monitored during preparation for absolutely safe operation.

  • Canal measurement capability - The Tri Auto ZX can also be used simply for electronically measuring the length of the root canal. Accurate measurement is determined in calculating the canal impedance by the ratio of two different frequencies (400 Hz and 8 kHz). The accuracy of the measurement in either a dry or wet canal (canals filled with electrolytes such as sodium hypochlorites, hypochlorite, saline, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), blood, or tap water) is equally accurate.

  • Auto Start/Stop - The motor automatically starts when the file is inserted and stops when it is withdrawn. There is no need to reset for each individual canal, or when the unit is switched on.

  • Auto Torque Reverse - The motor stops and reverses if the threshold of torque applied to the file is exceeded. The torque threshold of the auto-torque reverse mechanism can be set at different levels. The LED display lights up and the acoustic signal starts when this function is triggered. This prevents blocking of the file in the root canal.

  • Auto Apical Reverse - When the tip of the file reaches the point of the set working length the file stops and reverses. The LED display and the acoustic signal indicate this function.

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