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Micro-Mega Endo Units Handpiece Pull Down Head Midwest 4 Hole France


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Dental Micro-Mega Endo Units Handpiece Pull Down Head Midwest 4 Hole 
Made in France
1 year warranty



"It is imperitive after the shaping of the canal is complete, to go back with the Sonic and disinfect the canal using sonic acoustic waves in less than one third of your time" -Dr. Kit Weathers - GA


All NiTi systems are excellent in creating crown down effects, but they do not irrigate or cleanse lateral canals. These canals are breeding grounds for bacteria, which in efefct will increase post-op pain and inevitable retreatment.

The Sonic MM1500 will effectively cleanse the lateral canals with its cavitation effect, thus reducing post-op pain and recalls.



  • Coronal flaring 
  • Canal shaping
  • Solution irrigation
  • Cleansing
  • Remove an isthmus
  • Cavitate solution to clean lateral canals
  • Clean buccal and lingual extensions 



Accepts:Sonic Files - Rispi Sonic, Shaper Sonic, Trio-Sonic, Retrprep

Bur Insert / Release:Pull Down Head


Warranty:1 Year


Comparison: Endo Activator & Sonic MM1500


In evaluating irrigation protocols, a factor that should be considered in the effectiveness of treatment is whether an irrigation system can deliver irrigant throughout the entire root canal system, thereby debriding areas that could not be reached by mechanical instrumentation such as buccal and lingual extensions of oval-shaped root canals. To achieve the best clinical results, irrigant should be delivered to the full length of the canal into lateral canals and isthmuses. 
The MM1500 Air Sonic by Medidenta provides extremely efficient circulation of irrigants for excellent canal disinfection and chemical cleaning. It is especially effective in debriding the canal with NaOCL, removing the smear layer with EDTA, and disinfecting the entire canal system with CHX. In a recent study measuring mesial root canals of mandibular molars, it was found that the presence of isthmuses at the apical third was not uncommon even at the 1-mm apical level. The MM1500, with its controlled amplitude and instrument activation of irrigants, can easily and effectively clean an isthmus and penetrate lateral canals to the full working length.
The MM1500 is a handpiece that is activated by air pressure (30-40 psi) from the air-line couplings of dental units. The MM1500 produces sonic vibrations along the length of high-grade stainless steel sonic instruments (Rispisonic and Shapersonic). The MM1500 will effectively agitate irrigants throughout the canal system for maximum cleaning efficacy.
Published studies have confirmed that using the MM1500 Air Sonic after hand instrumentation produces cleaner canals than hand instruments alone with no difference between the MM1500 Sonic and ultrasonic activation groups.
As an added benefit, the MM1500 Air Sonic is unique in that it can also be used for initial coronal shaping prior to shaping the apical one-third of canals with any niti instrument system. This feature of the MM1500 effectively eliminates the need to use orifice openers that are needed with most niti systems.
The EndoActivator® is a battery operated handpiece that produces sonic vibrations along the length of plastic instruments. Practitioners use the plastic instruments to agitate irrigants in the canal.  The plastic tips can only be used after the canal has been appropriately shaped by hand or engine driven instrumentation. The manufacturer states that for maximum disinfection with their system, canals need to be enlarged to a minimum apical size 35, which is not practical in many cases.
A recently published study revealed that the EndoActivator® system did not enhance the removal of the smear layer compared to another conventional irrigation system with NaOCL and EDTA. (Note: Removal of the smear layer facilitates the chemical cleaning for a more predictable seal of the root canal system). Also, in another recently published study, the plastic instrument irrigation system was inferior in effective lateral canal penetration compared to other available systems and techniques.

In a side-by-side comparison, the MM1500 Air Sonic is superior in all clinical aspects of debriding, shaping and cleaning the entire canal system than the EndoActivator® system.






Dr. Ron Kaminer 

Melville, NY




1. Journal of Endodontics, Volume 36,   Issue 2 , Pages 308-311, February 2010
Effectiveness of the EndoActivator System in Removing the Smear Layer after Root Canal Instrumentation
2. Journal of Endodontics, Volume 35, Issue 10 , Pages 1408-1411, October 2009 
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Efficacy of Different Irrigation and Activation Systems on the Penetration of Sodium Hypochlorite into Simulated Lateral Canals and up to Working Length: An In Vitro Study
The EndoActivator® is a registered trademark of Dentsply and is no way affiliated with Medidenta



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