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LCD imaging Vein Finder Viewer Registered in CE, Vein Locator Detector, Transilluminator Visualization Lights for Nurses, Imaging of Subcutaneous Veins Spider Veins, Facial Veins for IV Phlebotomy


Collections: All products, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type: Vein Viewer

Vendor: eLynn Medical Vein Illumination



working principle:

The main use of blood vessels in the near-infrared light absorption rate of hemoglobin and other tissues of different principles, the depth of in-situ identification of subcutaneous blood vessels through the screen real-time imaging, so that medical personnel can clearly identify the patient subcutaneous microvascular 8-10mm. The instrument can assist health care workers in the safe, efficient and intuitive assessment of superficial blood vessels before venipuncture, to quickly find the most suitable for puncture of blood vessels. Avoid venipuncture failure and some unnecessary doctor-patient disputes.

1,Color double 7-inch large panoramic viewing angle display, allowing you to use the perception of more comfortable operation;

2, the instrument head and column can be adjusted according to user needs a suitable position to automatically stop (built-in custom fine-tuning the role of damping bearings), so that users will not because infants and young children do not fully cooperate, can not puncture, let the children lie Vein puncture can be done even standing.

3, can be customized according to user needs software such as customized display at the boot, "a certain hospital certain department custom special machine!" Preventing the embarrassing incident caused by the instrument being borrowed from the same department but different from the department, and the direct realization of "private customization";

4, according to user needs on the screen image to work and non-working mode needs timely switch.

5. If the user is performing venipuncture, sudden power failure, the instrument will automatically turn on weak light compensation mode to ensure that the puncture can be successfully completed.

Technical Parameter :



Using range

Vein finder



Imaging accuracy


Power Adapter

DC12.6V ,AC100-240V   50/60HZ


12.6VRechargeable lithium-ion battery  12000mAH

Life time


Charge time

Customer choose according to actual condition

Charge voltage

100-240V(AC)   2A   50-60Hz

Infrared light wavelength peak


Working temperature

+10℃ to 40℃