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LCD imaging Vein Finder Viewer Registered in CE, Vein Locator Detector, Transilluminator Visualization Lights for Nurses, Imaging of Subcutaneous Veins Spider Veins, Facial Veins for IV Phlebotomy


Collections: All products, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type: Vein Viewer

Vendor: eLynn Medical Vein Illumination




During micro plastic injection  assisting the physicians to discover and judge the position and direction of subcutaneous blood vessels .Avoid injection drugs in the blood vessels ,so as to evade the risk of beauty , improve safety , enhance professional competition ability for beauty micro plastic organizaitons .

Working Principle :

The infrared light as kind of invisible light widely exists in nature ; such as sunlight ,heater etc ....hemoglobin in the blood absorbing infrared light is different from other organizaitons ; Using certain wavelength  of infrared radiation to the skin , hemoglobin in subcutaneous blood vessels will absorb more infrared light ,and other organizations of adsorption are less ,so that we can distinguish the blood vessels and other organizaitons in infrared images . infrared in=mage is taken by infrared camera , after optimization and highlighting the color & shape by professional image processing software ,then output the pictures on the screen ,or projection  methods ,we can clearly see the subcutaneous vascular distribution , location ,direction ,etc.

 Reduce the wrong operation


Enhance security


Improve competitiveness

product Advantages:

large screen high-resolution display , more clear image;

Professional medical image processing system;

Screen display more suitable for human visual habits ,no glare and fatigue ;

Real and reliable iamge ,cisual effect more close to naked eye ;

Needle clearly visible during puncture ,easy to operation;

No artifacts interference by air ,wrinkles ,embossment ect ;

Delicate and portable ,equipped with specified support ,suitable for any occasion .

easy to carry

Filtering artifact interference

Beauty plastic surgery dedicated 

Beauty bed supporting bracket

Techinical parameter


Item Parameter




Image model 8 inch touch screen

Infrared light energy



Battery working time 4h

Imaging technology 2 million pixels infrared camera

Charging time 4—5h

Imaging speed > 32 frame/second

Stent type


Imaging depth I Omm

Gross weight


Resolution 800* 1280

Registration accuracy < 0.2mm

360X 31

Packing size OX230mm

( length/width/height )

Best imaging distance 140-180mm