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Clearfil SE Bond - Light-Cure Dental Adhesive System. Kit: 6 mL Primer, 5 mL Bond, 2 Brush Holders, 1 Mixing Dish, 1 Light-Blocking Plate and 100 Disposable Brush Tips.


CLEARFIL™ SE BOND is a light-curing bonding system consisting of a self-etching primer and a bonding agent. 
The water-based primer enables the simultaneous treatment of enamel and dentin in one step.
The patented MDP monomer helps to eliminate postoperative sensitivities. Direct skin contact with the contents of the bottles is avoided by the practical “Intelly Case”. The necessity to open the individual bottles has been eliminated, avoiding the risks of skin allergies. Moreover, the system prevents waste.

CLEARFIL™ SE BOND is Kuraray’s high performance, self-etching adhesive for direct restorations – known for its outstanding marginal sealing thanks to the product’s powerful hydrolysis resistance. Dentists and patients appreciate the product’s least postoperative sensitivity. Amongst several universities and opinion leaders CLEARFIL™ SE BOND is deemed to be the Gold Standard.
Dentists who are looking for a bond system that does not only provide a secure handling but also offers a technology ensures a high quality, long term marginal sealing, will now be satisfied by CLEARFIL™ SE BOND.

The reason is as simple as this.
Kuraray’s self-etching bond system is based on an intelligent concept:
Powerful hydrolysis resistance for a durable marginal sealing.

1. Firstly, the unique adhesive MDP monomer takes care of an outstanding stable chemical bonding between adhesive and tooth structure – resistant tohydrolysis*.

2. Due to the mild etching of CLEARFIL™ SE BOND, the layer of hydroxylapatite widely remains around the CLEARFIL™ SE BOND contains Kuraray’s unique adhesive monomer MDP, an essential component of Kuraray’s adhesive products such as the successful resincement brand PANAVIA™ (

Today, MDP is more than 25 years’ worth of scientifically verified, outstanding bonding performance. Hence, Kuraray’s self-etching bonding systems offer an improved and innovative solution: Compared to the acid-etching of etch & rinse systems, which remove the valuable hydroxylapatite crystals of the upper layer of collagen, Kuraray’s self-etching adhesives have a mild etching effect – the smear layer is dissolved and the collagen fiber matrix remains in its valuable condition containing hydroxylapatite crystals.
Apart from the excellent bonding result of CLEARFIL™SE BOND, the bond system provides another important function: a precisely concerted composition of primer and bond to ensure minimal post- operative sensitivities.
Thanks to the mild etching primer of CLEARFIL™ SE BOND as well as the reliable bond strength of the bonding, the irritation by moving dentinal fluid is minimized.
Furthermore, with the application of the higher viscosity bond subsequent to the primer, the bond creates a strong and stable bond layer. This bond layer has the capability of excellently sealing dentinal tubules, hence, preventing occlusal stress by potential movement of dentinal fluid.

The result is simple: CLEARFIL™ SE BOND is the precision bonding designed for least postoperative sensitivities.With CLEARFIL™ SE BOND, neither a separate acid etching nor a rinsing step are necessary. Additionally, less attention to the surface moisture level has to be given: The risk of over-wetting or over-drying of the preparation is very low compared to, for example, wet bonding systems.
Combined with the product’s The two-step adhesive is composed of two single liquids: the self-etching primer and the light-curingbond. Thanks to the mild-, self-etching primer with a low technique sensitivitiy and a high sealing ability of the bonding agent, CLEARFIL™ SE BOND enables excellent long-term performance.

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