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KERR SonicFill Bulk fill Dental Composite Refill-10pcs Unidose Tips A1 Shade


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KERR SonicFill Bulk fill Dental Composite Refill-10pcs Unidose Tips A1 10x0.3g

Package Content: 1 pack Kerr SonicFill Unidose Tips 10pcs/pk A1 shade

EXP 2018 or better

SonicFill uniquely combines the attributes of flowable and a universal composite. By activating the composite with sonic energy, fill and adapt at low viscosity, then press and sculpt at high viscosity.

Kerr Corporation and KaVo Dental GmbH have put together their core competences to create a first-of-its-kind, time-saving filling system for posterior restorations. SonicFill System enables clinicians to perform posterior restorations with an easy-to-use, single-step procedure that combines the advantages of a flowable composite with a universal composite. SonicFill System is comprised of a KaVo handpiece that enables sonic activation of a specially designed and conveniently delivered composite from Kerr. SonicFill’s proprietary sonic activation significantly reduces the composite’s viscosity to rapidly fill the cavity. Dentists utilizing SonicFill are able to reduce time for placement, packing and sculpting their restorations.

•Fast: Time reduction with all-in-one filling for up to 5mm increments. •Reliable: Predictable long-term restoration results due to perfect adaptation and reduced shrinkage. •Easy: Convenient and precise delivery through canula with small diameter and foot switch control.