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J Morita TwinPower 4HX handpiece fiber otic turbine light Ceramic Baling


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Dental J Morita TwinPower 4HX handpiece fiber otic turbine light Ceramic Baling

Zero suck back,quite powerful long life;w/ quick-stop system fit for J. Morita TwinPower Couplings

Made in JAPAN


The new TwinPower 4HX turbine family is a masterful symbiosis of function and design. Combining state-of-art engineering with highly practical and user-friendly handling features such as the compatible coupling system, the TwinPower turbines are well-equipped to provide you first-rate support in performing your clinical procedures.

  • Double-impeller technology
  • Quick-stop system
  • Zero suck back
  • Compatible coupling system
  • Ceramic ball bearings
  • Radial air bypass
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact head
  • Glass rod light
  • Easy cartridge replacement
Modell PAR-4HEX-O:
  • Head size: ø 10,5 mm, height 13,8 mm
  • Power: 22 W – higher than most
  • 3 spray nozzles
  • Weight: 51 g
  • Push-button chuck
  • Optical glass rod

Truly Unique – TwinPower’s Double-Impeller Technology

Well-Balanced – Where Ergonomics Meets Design

With Morita’s unique design, TwinPower hand pieces, form a perfect balance of efficiency and operator comfort. Light, compact, convenient, and highly functional – in a word: perfection.

Comfortable Even During Extensive Use
The compact and lightweight design of TwinPower is extremely comfortable to work with – even over extended periods of use. Weighing only 51 g*, fatigue of the operator’s hand, wrist and fingers is signifi cantly reduced.

Ideal Angulation
The practical 15 º handpiece angle enables you to easily maneuver around the various areas of the oral cavity. It is also perfectly angled to enhance alignment of the bur shaft with the tooth’s axis.

New Grip Design and Surface Treatment
The TwinPower 4H series features a newly designed grip, which enables a relaxed hold of the handpiece. The new ceramic coated surface offers up to 30% greater frictional forces, improving grip and durability throughout multiple sterilization cycles.

The TwinPower 4H highspeed series features the all new double-impeller technology – a truly unique engineering advancement.

TwinPower‘s Design and Operational Concept
The air from the drive air nozzles powers the primary impeller. The exhaust air is directed through fixed fins to power the secondary impeller. The operational result is more powerful, constant torque and controlled speed, even underload.

Greater Precision Through High Torque
The unique double-impeller technology of TwinPower offers continuous torque and improved stability, even under high-load conditions. The consistent power provides greater precision during all preparations.

Quiet Operation
Advanced fl uid dynamics reduces high-pitch noise typically found in highspeed handpieces in the 6 –7 kHz range. The result is quiet operation for both the dental team and patients.

Extremely Powerful
Thanks to the double-impeller technology, the turbines of the TwinPower 4H series are extremely powerful (up to 25 W). Even the small head of the TwinPower 4HEX delivers 22 W of high preparation power.

TwinPower Rotor
TwinPower’s double-impeller technology features 40 impeller blades (PAR-4HX). Three drive air nozzles power the blades. Even when the blade angle changes, the drive air continues to be captured by multiple blades, generating superior power and constant torque, thus creating no vibration.

Radial Air Bypass
Unique and new: the air is dispersed sideways via the radial air bypass to minimize the patient’s discomfort. From other highspeeds, this discomfort occurs from a vertical cold air stream on the preparation area.

Ceramic Ball Bearings
These ball bearings are 40% lighter and 3 times harder than conventional ball bearings, offering smooth rotation and high durability to greatly withstand sterilization cycles in an autoclave (max. 135 °C).

Optical Glass Rod
Autoclave-tested optical glass rod light guides for stable brightness (25,000 LUX).

Push-Button Chuck
Another unique feature: the push-button chuck. Simple to operate, this high-precision function ensures safe attachment to the preparation instrument while providing high-level durability for heavy-load applications.

Easy Cartridge Replacement
When required, the capsule-type cartridge rotor allows for easy exchange.

Quick Stop Brake for Preparation Safety

  • Rapid braking poses a particular challenge for all ball bearing highspeed handpieces. Due to the unique rubber brake ring in the TwinPower quick stop system, it is now possible to rapidly stop the turbine within 2 seconds – allowing for safer and more efficient preparations.
  • Zero Suck-Back. Drive air flows into an Anti-Suck-Back Diffuser (ASBD) within the capsule. Air in the ASBD is pressurized through centrifugal force created by the impeller rotation.
  • Through the centrifugal force and rotation of the impeller, air continues to flow into the ASBD and remains pressurized even after drive air is stopped. The pressurized air in the ASBD is released to the outside at the bottom of the head.
  • Exhaust air is also directed through the ASBD and released at the bottom of the head.
  • The pressurized air in the ASBD prevents depressurization in the head, therefore enabling true zero suck-back.

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