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Infrared Vein Finder Viewer, Portable Transilluminator Vein Locator Detector Illumination Visualization Lights for Nurses, Imaging of Veins for IV Phlebotomy Hand-Held


Collections: All products, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type: Vein Viewer

Vendor: Elynn Medical




3 Imaging Modes


It can be switched to blue-white, red-green and red-white imaging mode with a simple click. These color combinations ensure AIMVEIN works on all skin colors.


Bright, Clear View


You can easily adjust the brightness of Vein Finder to get a highly accurate picture of a patient’s veins – even when vascular positioning is difficult. It also gains high-quality images, which will be more clear with the enhancer.


Safe on Eyes


Vein Finder uses what is called “cold light,” which means the light can be viewed with the unprotected eye. It does not cause eye fatigue.


One-Touch Control


Simply touch our control button to turn the device on and off. By controlling how long the device is on you’ll preserve the device’s charge and save on electricity costs.


Convenient Size


AIMVEIN is small and lightweight so that it is easy to use and carry. The whole machine only weighs 280g.


Accurate, In-Depth View


Vein Finder is equipped with a 30cm antenna that makes is easy to find the ideal distance from illuminator to skin surface for the most accurate picture. The device also provides views of blood vessels to a subcutaneous depth of 10mm.