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Infrared Vein Finder Locator illumination IV Venipuncture w/ Floor Stand


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Portable Infrared Vein Light Vein Finder Vein Viewer Vein Locator illumination IV Venipuncture with 
Floor Stand

Color Selection Vein Viewer, A Medical System That Projects an Image of Veins on Skin to Help Clinicians Insert an IV

visualize veins that are beneath the skin;Particularly useful in paediatric, obese, elderly, oncology and dark skinned patients

Package Content: 1 pc Portable unit vein finder, 1 pc rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Charger, 1pc AC Power Adapter and 1 set of Clamps ( Clamps allow clinicians to affix S-Mount to: flat surfaces (tables, countertops), or round/square surfaces (bed rails, IV poles)  and 1 pc Storage case;

Weighted over 6.0kg 

Vein Viewer technology contributes to improved healthcare delivery process at institutions and has decreased unnecessary PICC line placements resulting in significant cost savings and vein preservation. It is the vein illumination device that provides Pre-, During-, and Post-access benefits throughout the entire vascular access procedure, allowing confirmation of the refill of vessels, detection of hematomas and potential avoidance of infiltrations, and has been shown through clinical studies to increase both first stick success and patient satisfaction up to 100 percent.

Product Description

 Digitally displays a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin in real time, allowing clinicians to verify vein patency and avoid valves or bifurcations. It is handheld and lightweight, and easily converts to hands-free with the use of optional wheeled or fixed stands.

Projection type

Projection Imaging

Projection tech.

DLP projection

Projection mode

normal mode,green light mode,depth

recognition mode ,reverse mode,adult &

kids switching mode

scattering light source

near-infrared light wave 850mm

Imaging speed

≤25 frame/s

Optimal imaging distance


Image resolution


Alignment precision


Working Temp.& Humidity



DC7.4V 6000mAH

Direction Regulation

Any direction

Infrared radiation energy

≤50μW/m2 reference to natural light



Rated Power


Vein recognition depth


Battery-powered working time


Continuous working time


Charging Time


Storage temp.& humidity



DC 12V,AC 220V 50Hz

Main Size

22cm * 6.5cm * 6.3cm

Main Weight


Stand T1


Lifting adjustable height:280mm

Applicable occasions: fixed place ,e.g.injection room, blood center

fine-tuning lifting by knob

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