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Dental NSK Varios Optic Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece VA-Lux-HP LED Light Japan


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Vendor: NSK



Dental NSK Varios Optic Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece VA-LUX-HP Varios Optic Handpiece

One Varios Handpiece For All Applications
  • Perio (minimum setting) through various applications to Crown & Post removal (maximum setting). With each Varios Ultrasonic Scaler model, only a single Varios handpiece is required for all clinical applications. NSK precision technology has allowed the refinement of power settings from the gentle minimum setting for delicate perio procedures to maximum power for application in the procedure of crown removal
  • Lightweight, Durable Hose The special lightweight hose offers superior flexibility and durability. The hose is easily connected and disconnected to both the control module and the handpiece. The hose is available for replacement as a separate component.
  • Comfortable, Lightweight and High Performance Handpiece The comfortable, lightweight handpiece weighs just 36g. Prolonged treatment is comfortable and hand fatigue is minimised. The critical vibrating section is constructed from pure titanium. Power feedback control maintains consistent power direct to the tip for optimal vibration cycles.
  • Handpiece with Circular Light The circular light emission of the VA-LUX-HP optic handpiece clearly illuminates the operational area. 
  • Tip Lineup Over 80 different types of tips are available for the Varios system.