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Dental NSK Ti-Max X600L Fiber Optic Handpiece Turbine Standard Head Push Button


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Brand New NSK Ti-Max X600L Titanium Turbine - Optic, Standard Head

Brand New in Original Intact Box !!

Made in Japan






Product Description:


NSK designed and engineered the new Ti-Max X to be simply the best air turbine handpiece you can buy. Newly developed Dual Air Jet generates unmatched 22W power, offering such level of performance that you’ve never experienced before. Brighter cellular optics assures you uninterrupted visibility to every part of treatment field. Quattro Water Spray provides optimum cooling effect with mist-like fine water droplets. And, incredibly lightweight, delicately curved Arc-line solid titanium body lets you keep an ideal head and grip angle even when working on hard-to-access spot. Every feature of Ti-Max X is so designed as to make your operation easier, faster and stress-free.

Ergonomic Arc-line Body
Delicately curved bodyline is carefully computed to offer ideal head and grip angle in any treatment position while minimizing interruption of your vision. If you need complex work in hard-to-access molar region, the Arc-line body allows you more freedom of movement.
NSK Quattro Water Spray
NSK’s unique 4-port spray system creates mist-like miniscule water droplets and sprays them evenly across the treatment field for maximum cooling effect. You may get excited when you experience the sprayed water never interrupt your vision to the critical working spot. So, you can work safer, more efficiently and comfortably.
Unmatched 22W Torque by NSK Dual Air Jet
NSK Dual Air Jet turbine generates unparalleled 22W power – the level of power every dentist has been longing for. With two air nozzles of narrower opening, turbine blades catch compressed air stream more effectively, and gains more rotating momentum, that’s a secret behind impressive 22W power. The new Ti-Max X brings you cutting performance you’ve never experienced before.
ISB (Integrated Shaft Bearings)
Thanks to proprietary ISB design, Ti-Max X gains pinpoint running accuracy. The novelty of ISB lies in its mechanical design - the shaft itself holds balls with a groove cut around it. This enables the maximum rotational accuracy, vibration-free and silent operation.
Pressure Regulating Valve
Oversupply of compressed air often causes malfunction of bearings, and resultantly shorten the life of a handpiece. However, it should be bothersome if you had to adjust air pressure on console while practicing. That’s exactly why NSK installed a safety measure to protect your handpiece. Whenever oversupply is detected, the valve automatically controls the airflow to the rotor, preventing over-rotation to ensure a longer handpiece life.
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NSK Cellular Glass Optics
By fusing multiple glass fibres into a single glass optic rod, Cellular Glass Optics delivers 20% brighter illumination exactly to the spot you need to examine. The cellular rod will not deteriorate from repeated sterilisation and keeps its lighting intensity for longer period of time.
Award-winning NSK Clean Head System
The built-in patented Clean Head System is designed to prevent air retraction, and thus allow no oral fluid or foreign particles to enter into the handpiece head. The system is activated instantaneously in response to air pressure change as the handpiece stops spinning.The benefits you’ll enjoy are longer handpiece life with greatly improved infection control.
NSK Ultra Push Chuck
NSK’s patented triple-grip Ultra Push Chuck enables simple one-touch bur replacement, while its auto-chuck lock mechanism automatically controls bur-retention when higher load is applied to a bur.
NSK Autoclavable
All NSK handpieces offer superior durability and long-lasting high performance even after repeated autoclaving at 135°C max.
Thermodisinfector Ready
Disinfecting handpieces prior to autoclaving is a recommendable practice for more effective infection control. The symbol mark on your NSK product means you can cleanse and disinfect the handpiece using a thermodisinfector.


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