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Dental GC GRADIA DIRECT Light-Cured Microfilled Hybrid Resin Composite Refill


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Light-Cured Microfilled Hybrid Resin Composite

Gradia Direct Syringe Refills  
Contains: 1 Syringe (2.7 ml each).
001988       Shade A1                  
001989       Shade A2                 
001990       Shade A3                   
002049       Shade CT
001991       Shade A3.5               
001993       Shade CV                  
002046       Shade AO2                
001992       Shade AO3                

Light-cured GRADIA DIRECT is a micro-filled hybrid resin composite with microfine pre-polymer resin fillers, a unique coupling agent and urethane dimethacrylate co-monomer matrix which offers significant advantages in esthetics, polishability, wear resistance and fracture toughness.

Designed to be the best enamel replacement ever, GRADIA DIRECT has tooth like color reflection and absorption and lifelike optical properties, including brightness, translucency and warmth.

Direct or Indirect
Just like GRADIA (for INDIRECT laboratory restorations), new GRADIA DIRECT has multifaceted reflective and optical properties similar to that of natural tooth.  

Esthetic Invisibility - Single Shade Simplicity

Easy to complete natural looking, high-end multi-layer restorations with as little as a one shade technique.

Picks up the color and matches the surrounding tooth becoming esthetically “invisible.”

In fact, in about 95% of restorative cases, GRADIA DIRECT can achieve brilliant esthetics with only one shade.  

Best Handling Composite Ever

  • Anterior shades sculpt readily.
  • Posterior shades offer strength and body.
  • Plenty of working time even in strong ambient light.
  • Not sticky, so it shapes and sculpts easily. You can even add and take away material with an artist’s brush.

Clean and Simple Shade System Complete direct restoration system features 26 shades. Choice of Unitip or Composite Syringe delivery.  

Standard Shades (11 anterior; 4 posterior), for most simple restorations just one single shade technique gives excellent results. 

Special Shades for more extensive multi-shade techniques; placed underneath or on top of a Standard shade.

Inside Special Shades (3 anterior shades) are opaque shades placed underneath a Standard Shade to give warmth to the final color and block out unwanted dark color.

Outside Special Shades (6 anterior; 2 posterior) are placed on top of a Standard Shade, to adjust for age-related changes in the enamel - translucency and value - to give a more lifelike appearance.

Great Physical Properties

  • Provides outstanding esthetics without sacrificing strength, durability and longevity.
  • High fracture toughness.
  • Low modulus of elasticity to resist bending and cracking from occlusal forces.
  • High Wear Resistance for posterior restorations, GRADIA DIRECT is very durable, exceptionally resistant to occlusal wear, yet kind to opposing dentition.

Light Curable: Can be cured using a quartz halogen curing light, a plasma arc curing light or LED (Light Emitting Diode) Light.

Color Stable: Very color stable before and after light-curing.

Superior Finish: GRADIA DIRECT can be highly polished with minimal effort.

Particle Structure Mimics Reflectivity of Natural Tooth:

Designed to mimic the reflectivity of natural tooth structure. GRADIA DIRECT blends in and picks up the color of the surrounding teeth.

Made up of diverse, multifaceted structures - a variety of particles consisting of a micro filled matrix of resin composite, with compounds mainly of silica, pre-polymerised fillers and urethane dimethacrylate co-monomer matrix.

The amount of each element and its particle size distribution has been carefully chosen so that when added together, many different interfaces occur with different reflective properties. The result is internal reflectivity and optical properties which replicate that of natural teeth.

Natural Reflectivity Means Natural Esthetics:

Toothlike reflectivity makes restorations appear natural, with true to life color and full vitality.

GRADIA DIRECT restorations are esthetically “invisible” when compared to other restoratives.

Single shade simplicity for most restorations.

Natural looking high end multilayer restorations for more intricate cases are easy to complete.






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