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DELUXE LCD imaging Vein Finder Viewer Registered in CE, Vein Locator Detector, Transilluminator Visualization Lights for Nurses


Collections: All products, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type:

Vendor: RCZ medical



Technical Parameter :

1.light source wavelength range from 750nm to 950nm;

2.light source output intensity can be adjusted;

3.infrared camera special camera resolution, more than 600TVL; minimum illumination: 0.01Lux;

5.signal to noise ratio: 50dB;

6.lens: high sense infrared lens, 3000000 pixels, 7-22 variable zoom;

7.display screen: 8.4 "industrial grade LCD screen;

8.display contrast: 700:1.


Soft and hardware features:

1.using the narrowband infrared light source without damage to human body, no radiation, no heat, no damage to the eyes;

2.the use of 3000000 pixels variable times the lens, can clearly display the enlarged image, to provide accurate basis for the puncture.

3.with the upper and lower two light source output: the source of the light source with the German original high-power solid-state LED light source, penetrating strong, can clearly display the deep blood vessel image; on the light source using multi point LED light source, no shadow, no reflection light interference, suitable for observation of superficial blood vessel.

4.the upper and lower light source are both strong and weak can be adjusted to meet the needs of the clinical needs of each other;

5.the use of industrial cameras and industrial display can show the best imaging results;

6.the use of industrial computer system to ensure the stability of the instrument;

7.installed with international leading algorithm for infrared image enhancement processing software, the original vein imaging model, can make blood vessel clearly appeared at a glance!

8.with a patented design: light source, camera system and display screen as one of the 360 degree rotation, can respond to a variety of puncture site.