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3M UNITEK TRANSBOND MIP PRIMER BOTTLE Refill Bottle Moisture Insensitive 712-025


Collections: All products, Equipment, Surgical Medical Equipment

Product type: Dental

Vendor: eLynn Medical



Key Specification
Moisture Insensitive Primer
  • Moisture Insensitive Primer means not physically or chemically sensitive to small quantities of moisture
  • Clinically, it means after rinsing and thoroughly removing etchant, drying of tooth surface before priming is not required
  • Transbond MIP works with Transbond XT and LR capsules, Transbond XT syringes, and APC Adhesive Coating System
  • Transbond MIP primer has been qualified for both Concise and Unite Chemical Cure Adhesives as well as Sondhi Rapid Set Indirect Bonding Adhesive