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Anthogyr implant handpiece 16:1 reduction contra angle head w/ depth gauge


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Product type: Business & Industrial:Healthcare, Lab & Life Science:Dental Equipment:Handpieces

Vendor: Anthogyr



Dental Anthogyr implant handpiece 16:1 reduction contra angle latch head w/ depth gauges

Made in France

Ref 2510DS w/ depth gauges 

  • Anthogyr contra-angle speed range 16:1, with latch head and external spaymax.
  • Implantology contra-angle ref. 2510DS;
  • Latch head;
  • 16:1 reduction
  • This handpiece is compatible with all e-type motors (Anthogyr,nsk, Aseptico, W&H, Nouvag, Acteon...) 
  • Very good for drilling the osteotomy, tapping & threading
  • 1 per drill diameter. w Easy to grip, no need for an implant holder:
  • depth gauge prevents nerve damage by controlling the depth of the bur when drilling the osteotomy.

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